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NFA Gun Trusts

The National Firearms Act was originally enacted in 1934 and imposed a tax on making and transferring certain weapons defined by the act. The act was amended twice in 1968 and again in 1986 further clarifying weapons that were to be controlled under this act. These included short barrel shotguns (barrels less than 18"), short barrel rifles (barrels less than 16"), machines guns, silencers and other destructive devices.

A Gun trust is a revocable living trust that is created for the purpose of owning NFA firearms. There are many benefits to setting a trust up if you are looking to purchase these types of weapons. The two most common reasons a trust is set up is to allow the firearms to remain in the trust upon the owners death and the beneficiary is able avoid the usual transfer requirements and fees. The second reason is that a firearm purchased to the trust does not require local Chief Law Enforcement signature. These two reasons alone make the trust a popular choice.

Orlando FFL can help you get your NFA Gun Trust set up today. Our NFA Gun Trusts are written by lawyers and are GUARANTEED to meet all requirements. A poorly written NFA Gun Trust can have severe consequences so don't trust just anyone with this important document. Orlando FFL is your local Ocoee, Winter Garden, Apopka, Windermere, Oakland, Clermont, Orlando and surrounding Central Florida NFA Gun Trust Experts.

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  • Are there any additional fees?
    There are no fees for our Tactical Savings Plan (TSP).
  • What happens if I cancel?
    Once you enter the Tactical Savings Plan, there are no cash or credit card refunds. The money on the Savings Card must be used to make a purchase at Orlando FFL.
  • What is the Tactical Savings Plan or TSP?
    The Tactical Savings Plan (TSP) is a simplistic way that allows you to save on your terms to make a purchase. Unlike typical layaway plans, there is no time limits and no requirements. We issue you a savings card that you add funds to as you see fit. Once you have a balance that allows you to make the purchase you want, you just use the card. It's really that simple!
  • What terms do you offer for layaway?
    Our Tactical Savings Plan (TSP) puts the ball in your court! We have no terms or requirements. You save as you see fit and spend when you are ready. It's really that simple!
  • Can I do layaway if I live out of state?
    Yes! Our Tactical Savings Plan is valid in all 50 states!
  • How much do I have to put down?
    Since our Tactical Saving's Plan is designed to be on your terms, there is no down payment required!
  • How do I schedule a private course?
    You can contact us via the CONTACT page.
  • Who can take your courses?
    If you look in the course description there is a section that will tell you who the course is intended for and if there are any prerequisites to take the course. We have courses for all skill levels from beginner to the seasoned expert.
  • Where are the courses held?
    The course description will tell you the location of the course. Typically we will only post courses held in Central Florida, but you can visit the Next Level Combatives website for all courses.
  • How much do the courses cost?
    Pricing varies based on the course. Course descriptions will have the pricing included.
  • How much does a NFA trust cost?
    Orlando FFL charges $99 for NFA Gun Trust. Trusts take approximately one week to have prepared.
  • What is a NFA or Class III weapon?
    Any weapon that is regulated by the National Firearms Act. The ATF lists these weapons which are regulated by the Act: (1) a shotgun having a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length; (2) a weapon made from a shotgun if such weapon as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length; (3) a rifle having a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length; (4) a weapon made from a rifle if such weapon as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length; (5) any other weapon, as defined in subsection (e); (6) a machinegun; (7) any silencer (as defined in section 921 of title 18, United States Code); and (8) a destructive device.
  • How long is the process to be approved?
    Depending on the type of NFA weapon you are looking to purchase, it can take up to 12 months. Short barrel shotguns and rifles tend to come back in 3-5 months, but silencers and machine gun transfers can take up to 12 months and sometimes longer.
  • How much does it cost to own an NFA item?
    The tax stamp for an NFA item is $200. This is paid directly to the ATF. This tax is in addition to the cost of the item you are purchasing. NFA items can range from a few hundred dollars for a suppressor up to a couple hundred thousand dollars for a rare machine gun.
  • What is the process?
    The process is easier than you may think and aside from the waiting period the process if fairly quick. 1. Set up your NFA Gun Trust with Orlando FFL if you do not already have one. 2. Choose and pay for the item you would like to transfer. 3.Complete the required documentation -Complete BATFE FORM 4 (5320.4). -Acquire 2x Passport Photos. -Photocopy the Form 4 with the Passport Photo attached. -Complete 2x FBI FORM FD-258's fingerprint cards or do your prints electronically. -Identify CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) and provide copy of FORM 4 to them. -Submit $200 tax stamp fee 4. We will send all your paperwork to the ATF. After this just wait.. Orlando FFL is not responsible for delays as it is beyond our control. 5. Once the FORM 4 has been approved we will contact you to arrange the transfer of the item. Once approved you will take the item home. ORLANDO FFL charges a 50% restocking fee for all NON APPROVALS.
  • Can I buy any machine gun?
    No. Only machine guns that were lawfully possessed prior to May 19, 1986 may be transferred. This does not apply to law enforcement agencies.
  • Can I own NFA items?
    If you meet the criteria to own a regular firearm, chances are you can own a NFA or Class III weapon. We recommend setting up a NFA Gun Trust which we can help you with.
  • Do I pay anything up front?
    The credit check financing has no up front payment due. The no credit check option requires a 15-20 percent down payment.
  • What are the terms?
    We think our financing program has pretty competitive terms, especially when compared to credit cards. You will see your personalized terms upon approval as they will vary based on your individual situation.
  • What can I buy with the approved amount?
    You can purchase anything that we sell. This includes firearms, gear, holsters, courses, custom services, gunsmith services and so much more. It really is a flexible program.
  • Can I purchase if I live out of state?
    Yes, as long as you can legally possess it in your state you can use our financing to purchase it. We will arrange shipping to you or your local FFL if it is a firearm.
  • How much can I be approved for?
    The credit check option offers approvals up to $5,000 while the no credit check option offers up to $3,500.
  • Do you check credit?
    We offer both non credit check and credit check financing. We recommend using the credit check option first as the approval is much faster and they offer a high approval rate even for lower credit scores. There is also no impact to your credit score as they do a soft inquiry. You can apply by clicking HERE.
  • How long is the CCW Class?
    The time allotted for the class is approximately 3 hours. However, ensuring that you leave with competence is far more important than the time allotted. For that reason, some classes may run slightly longer or slightly shorter.
  • I have a question not answered, how do I contact you?"
    We are available by phone at 407-347-9281 during business hours, email or you can visit our CONTACT page.
  • What does your CCW Class cover?
    We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive CCW Classes in Central Florida and beyond! Our class covers the following: Firearms & Nomenclature Ammunition Safety Working through Malfunctions Fundamentals of Shooting Purchasing a Firearm Law & MORE!
  • How much does it cost to apply for my permit?
    The current cost is $97 paid to the state. This does not include the cost of the class.
  • How long does it take to get my permit?
    By law they have 90 days to approve or deny your application. Make sure you completely fill out your application as any mistake on your application will restart the 90 days.
  • What happens after I take the class?
    Once you complete the class and receive your certificate you are ready to apply for your permit. You can find the process to apply for the permit by clicking HERE. There are several options when it comes to applying. You can apply Online, In Person or By Mail. If you need help with the application process we are more than happy to help in any way we can.
  • Do you offer private classes?
    Yes! We offer private classes for 1 or 100!
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