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NFA Gun Trusts

The National Firearms Act was originally enacted in 1934 and imposed a tax on making and transferring certain weapons defined by the act. The act was amended twice in 1968 and again in 1986 further clarifying weapons that were to be controlled under this act. These included short barrel shotguns (barrels less than 18"), short barrel rifles (barrels less than 16"), machines guns, silencers and other destructive devices.

A Gun trust is a revocable living trust that is created for the purpose of owning NFA firearms. There are many benefits to setting a trust up if you are looking to purchase these types of weapons. The two most common reasons a trust is set up is to allow the firearms to remain in the trust upon the owners death and the beneficiary is able avoid the usual transfer requirements and fees. The second reason is that a firearm purchased to the trust does not require local Chief Law Enforcement signature. These two reasons alone make the trust a popular choice.

Orlando FFL can help you get your NFA Gun Trust set up today. Our NFA Gun Trusts are written by lawyers and are GUARANTEED to meet all requirements. A poorly written NFA Gun Trust can have severe consequences so don't trust just anyone with this important document. Orlando FFL is your local Ocoee, Winter Garden, Apopka, Windermere, Oakland, Clermont, Orlando and surrounding Central Florida NFA Gun Trust Experts.

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