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FFL Transfer Pricing & Policies

Orlando FFL wants your FFL transfer experience to be affordable and easy. Unfortunately, many gun shops make this process confusing and unnecessarily expensive. Our pricing and policies are straight forward and simple.


The fee for incoming transfers is $25 per serial number. This includes the mandatory FDLE background check. If the firearm(s) are being shipped with other non-serialized parts, please request them to be sent directly to your home. If the purchase is from a dealer please request they include a copy of their FFL with the shipment, and if from a private party a copy of their state issued ID. Please note: Transfers picked up after 30 days will have an additional charge of $20 per item per 30 days. Items left more than 90 will be considered abandoned and become property of Orlando FFL.


The fee for outgoing transfers is $25 plus shipping per item. Firearms purchased from us that are going out for warranty repair are excluded from this fee. Firearms will only be shipped to another FFL.


Any NFA weapon transferred to Orlando FFL not purchased from us is subject to the following fees;

- Machine Gun - $175

- SBR / SBS - $100

- Suppressor - $60

If you have any questions about transfers please CONTACT US.

Orlando FFL is your local Ocoee, Winter Garden, Apopka, Windermere, Oakland, Clermont, Orlando and surrounding Central Florida FFL Transfer Experts.

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